Discovering the Ninth World

Session 0 - Character Creation

Who are we? What are we doing?

Our adventure begins with our travelers on a boat en route to the town of Redstone. They have been tasked as guards for a shipment of medicine to the town, as requested by the Aeon priests.

Upon entering the town, they could see that it’s people were acting sluggish and sleepily. They attempted to drop off the shipment to the Aeon priest’s tower but were told by the guard NAME to come back the next day. They waited around town and eventually found out that the townspeople were afflicted with a dream. This has kept every one of the townspeople stay awake at night causing them to be exhausted and sluggish. Some townspeople have even decided to take their lives to end their living nightmare.

They decided to visit the quarry to see if they could figure out what was going on. They looked for some sort of Numenera that could be causing this, but to no avail. Leela was able to heal some of the townspeople, and was gaining their attention.

The party eventually decided to spend the night, and only some decided to take some of the pills from BROCK to give them a dream of their happiest memory. ERIC and Dreux ended up being visited by the dream. In particular, DREUX’s dream was a bit different, giving visions of a faceted dome in the north and images of placing a piece of technology into a slot of sorts.

They returned to the Aeon priest’s tower in another attempt to deliver the shipment, but were yet again told to come back the next day. They found this unacceptable, and attempted to inject a mind control serum into the guard NAME, which she was able to fend off. The Aeon priests were not to be disturbed!

Last we left them, I believe they were going to try and find a way into the tower.



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